Why Murray Decided to start a Sprayfoam Insulation Company

Murray has been  involved in the construction industry since his 20th birthday. He started out out as a roofer and gained an appreciation for the hard work that goes into building a home. After a number of years on the job site, Murray attended Georgian College and learned carpentry, to round out his skill set and knowledge base.

Back on construction sites, Murray was now involved in the building of the entire home, including the framing and finishing of the home. For years Murray watches as insulation companies came through the job sites and continuously used traditional batt insulation. After years of researching better insulation methods, Murray completed a CUFCA certification course, and started Murray’s Sprayfoam Insulation Co.

There is a better way to insulate your home and save on utilities. The long term investment in a better insulation is better for the consumer, the environment and your bills.

Serious about insulation?  Don’t just say it… spray it.

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